About Us

Started 1970 developing screw manufacturing machinery for the customer segment we extended our focus since 1985 to produce all type of cold forming products with own developed machineries


There are no compromises in Service and Quality. The Approach of our service is far more than sales orientation. We are offering customized tailored solution based on our know how and innovation in Technology, which creates a competitive advantage for our Customer.


* We are generating a competitive advantage while using our own developed machinery for cold forming


* We are offering for complex and cost intensive Projects an alternative high quality and cost reduced solution by applying CNC and Casting Technology.


* Throughout tailored automation solutions we are aiming 100% Customer Satisfaction.


* Utilizing the own Production lines ensures Innovative and high Level Quality Products


Realizing Projects on a global standard, to provide products on highest possible level of Service and Quality and to meet all commitments on Project scope and timing.


To be recognized as a company providing holistic solutions for specific customer requirements, which goes much behind a standard solution


To exceed the customer expectations. Providing creative, practical and cost competitive resolution for complex business challenges.